Key Features Of Diamond Color

Diamond Color
Diamond Color

Diamonds with the best of qualities are a woman’s true friend! How to be assured of quality while purchasing diamonds? To have a better understanding of diamond quality and the factors that determine their value, it is important to do some research on diamond color. Diamonds come in several color grades and these grades have a significant impact on the value of the stone. Let us now look at a few details regarding the same.

Diamond Value Is Partly Dependent On Its Color

People prefer colorless diamonds in their engagement rings and other jewelry, which is why most diamond jewelry tends to be colorless or nearly colorless with hints of brown or yellow. That said the price of a diamond multiplies as it becomes more and more colorless.

In the GIA grading system, color grades from D to Z are used to represent the degree to which the diamonds are colored. GIA assigns diamonds into 5 groups.

  • Colorless (D-F): They are the rarest group of diamonds and hence the most valuable.
  • Near colorless (G-J): The colors of the diamonds that belong to this group more or less go unnoticed except by trained graders.
  • Faint (K-M): For any untrained eye, the color is still invisible.
  • Very light (N-R): The subtle shades of color of the larger stones, belonging to this group are visible even to an untrained eye.
  • Light( S-Z): Color is visible in stones of all sizes. The stones are slightly brown or yellow but they still lack enough color to be regarded as fancy color diamonds that is an altogether different category.

A Different Style Of Grading Is Used For Colored Diamonds 

Colored diamonds are liked by many. Common diamond colors include yellow, brown, orange, green, gray, pink, and black. These should not be confused with the diamonds in the normal color range that look slightly yellowish, brownish, or grayish. Diamonds that naturally come with attractive colors are called colored diamonds or fancy diamonds.

GIA uses a different system of grading for colored diamonds when compared to colorless diamonds. The grading system of colored diamonds is based on the color you see while observing the stone face up; unlike in the case of colorless diamonds that are graded for color by viewing table down. The terms like Fancy Vivid, Very Light, Fancy, Faint, Fancy Light, Fancy Intense, Fancy Dark, and Fancy Deep are used by the GIA to describe these.

What you must remember while buying colored diamonds is that the more color a colored diamond has, the better will be its quality.

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