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Natural diamond is a mineral stone and a rare form of crystalline carbon. A diamond containing entirely of carbon and with a perfect crystalline structure will be colorless. Diamonds that are perfect rarely exist. Moreover, majority of diamond crystals collect defects during crystal growth and during their retained history in the Earth. The cause of the color in these stones can vary, for instance yellow color in diamonds occur due to the presence of nitrogen. Blue diamonds contain boron, which causes the blue color. The rarer the color, and the more intensely the color shows, the higher the value of the stone.

Yellow and brown diamonds are regularly found, while red, blue, and green diamonds are among the rarest of all fancy colors. Multiple types of defects can be seen in a single diamond. An imperfection in the diamond could result in creating beautiful patterns. Colored diamonds are very rare stones having a noticeable body color when viewed in the upright position. Diamonds with natural pink, blue, orange, green, red, and violet body colors are extremely rare. Brown and yellow are the most common colors in natural colored diamonds.

The color ranges between “very light” and “shining”. To be considered a “colored diamond” the color must be noticeable when the diamond is in the upright position. Black, gray, and white diamonds are also found.

These rare-color diamonds can sell for millions of dollars per carat. These stones have more value compared to any other precious metals.

Stones which have less saturated or transitional hues, in smaller sizes, and in more frequent colors sell for more affordable prices. Natural yellow, brown, or black diamond’s often sell for prices that are not very different from similar-size diamonds on the D-to-Z color scale. Brown diamonds occur in a very wide and beautiful color range – from light brown gems with a “champagne” color to vivid reddish brown gems with a rich “cognac” color. Black diamonds are one of the most affordable colors, and people enjoy them, even use them for wedding and engagement.

The variety of colors in diamond are Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Black Purple, white, Brown etc. Numerous natural defects can lead to color. People also change or induce color in diamonds by treatments that include radiation, heating, and coating – and by combinations of various treatments. There are many causes of color in diamonds, and researchers are only unveiling them.

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