10 Mind Blowing Facts About Black Diamonds

Buy GIA Certified Diamonds
Buy GIA Certified Diamonds

Diamonds are widely seen in different colors- pink, red, blue, yellow, and orange are a few of them. Black diamonds are not uncommon even though they are rarely found. The fact that it is a sight for the sore eyes explains its high cost. Let’s look at a few interesting facts about black diamonds-

  • Firstly, black diamonds are also known as carbonados diamonds because of its burnt or carbonized look. The Portuguese merrily gave the title and it still precedes its actual name.
  • As mentioned earlier, these diamonds are hard to find. Brazil and Central Africa are the two main black diamond reserves of the world.
  • Another amazing fact about black diamond is that unlike other diamonds which are found in kimberlite deposits, black diamonds are found in alluvial deposits as sediments and deposits formed by rivers or other sources of running water.
  • There is always a black sheep in a group. Here, it is the black diamond. A black diamond is made up of several small black crystals. Millions of these small particles are held together by internal inclusions to form a large black diamond. The structure of black diamond gives it a black color with grey spots and it is called a polycrystalline.
  • Anomalies like black diamonds, usually become hot topics in society. Naturally, there were rumors because of its ominous color. Indians believed it brought bad luck since it resembled the eyes of a snake. In fact, it was considered the representation of Yama, the god of death. Whereas in Italy, it was thought to bring good luck to married life.
  • Black diamonds are carbon isotopes. Meaning, it is made of the same element but of different atomic weight and physical properties. This might be the reason why black diamonds are more difficult to cut when compared to the other diamonds.
  • It is commonly known that black color absorbs all light when other colors reflect it. Their shiny appearance can be credited to its polished surface.
  • As always, there are scientists testing the diamond to know more. So far they have come up with three theories. The first one says that it was formed during a meteoric impact. The second one says that it was formed through the spontaneous fission of Uranium and Thorium. The last theory is far-fetched- they were brought on an asteroid from space where they were formed.

You should not shy away from buying a black diamond if you want to. As you can see it is really precious and worth the amount you spend. But make sure you go to the best place to buy GIA certified diamonds or find best site to buy diamonds online.

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