A Comparison Between Buying Diamonds Online And At A Physical Shop

People purchase most products through the internet nowadays, including even diamonds. Social media has a considerable effect on customer behavior. For one, diamond customers make some important buying decisions by what they read and see on social networking websites. Many decades ago, purchasing online was not an option for customers as it is today. So, some find it tricky to decide where to buy diamonds from: offline or online. In this comparison post, we will look at some pros and cons of both to help you decide.

The Pros Of Purchasing Diamonds From A Physical Store


Buying diamonds online is not as reliable an option as offline, particularly when the physical shops are in a commercial district or big-name department store. Diamonds offered for sale here will be genuine when you can look at the certificate of authenticity issued by a reputable institute such as the GIA. Besides, you can ‘preview’ the product in the truest sense of the word at a jewelry shop. By looking at a diamond through your eyes and testing equipment, plus seeing its grading report, you can rest assured that it will be worthwhile.

You Can Find Rare Diamonds

Both natural and lab-created diamonds are available in physical stores. Shops keep more natural diamonds than the lab-grown counterparts. Nevertheless, you can decide whether to purchase natural diamonds or the artificial ones. Lab-made diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as the natural ones do. However, a man-made diamond does not cost as much as a natural one.

Then again, what if you are seeking a rare natural diamond? You are more likely to find it at a physical shop than on online store.

Contact With Diamond Experts

At physical stores, you can also ask the experts any number of questions on diamonds you want. So, you are likely to make a more informed purchase decision.

The Cons Of Purchasing Diamonds Offline


You will not likely find as big a diamond selection at a physical store as on an ecommerce site. Most physical stores have a limitation on the number of products they can keep. This brings to our next point regarding the disadvantage of buying offline.


Is there a jewelry store right next to your house with a big enough diamond collection? Or, is the situation like most people for you? When stores are situated far away, you will have to travel long. With long-hour travel comes possible delays due to bad weather, bad traffic and other similar things. All these could negatively affect your mood, and when you reach the shop, you would not be in the mood to negotiate with the staff there.

Besides, with the collection in diamond stores being less, you will have to shop around to find your desired product.

More Price

Shops usually include the labor cost and some overheads in the diamond price. With this being a physical store, overheads such as electricity cost and shop administration expense will be factored into the product price. So, you will have to pay more money for it than you would for the online purchase.

The Pros Of Purchasing Diamonds Over The Web

Here are some reasons to buy diamonds online.

A Greater Selection

Online stores will have a much bigger collection of diamonds than at a physical one. Although you are less likely to find rare natural stones there, the collection is going to much more at a web store. This brings to our next point.

More Convenient

You can purchase diamonds from the comfort of your house. Besides, you only need a solid internet connection and enough money in your digital wallet or card for this. You need not travel long distances or go from shop to shop just to purchase that diamond necklace your partner has been requesting for so long.

Besides, you can afford to take any amount of time to arrive at the right purchase decision. Nobody is there to force you into purchasing something you would not like to.

More Affordable

Buying diamonds online is less expensive than doing it through a brick and mortar store. When you are shopping at an online-only store, you will not need to pay money to help the jeweler cover their overheads and other costs. Besides, online shops have a much greater collection of cheaper (lab-produced) diamonds than physical stores do.

Online Shopping Vs Offline Shopping
Criteria Offline Online
Reliability Easier to determine More difficult to tell
Collection Less More
Convenience Less More
Price More Less
Proper Preview Yes No

The Cons Of Buying Online


How do you know that an anonymous online seller is worth their salt? It is relatively easier to determine this when you are shopping offline. You can go around the neighborhood and ask people whether that family-owned jeweler is reliable or not. By reading customer reviews online, you are likely to be more confused.

Cannot Preview The Diamond Properly

To ‘preview’ means to view a product before making the purchase. You can preview diamonds when buying from a physical store. Conversely, you will at best be presented with some diamond photos online, and viewing these is not proper a ‘preview’.

Diamond photographs are not reliable. The photos may look great, but these are possibly edited. Besides, you are looking at the stone through the monitor, so some of its features are further filtered.

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