A Comprehensive Guide to Moissanites

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Moissanites are gemstones that were discovered in 1893. It is composed of silicon carbide and is considered to be more brilliant than diamonds. It is commonly used in large jewelry. They display a characteristic display a rainbow-like fire which is very rare and unlike the colorless white diamonds’ behavior upon light exposure. Below is a discussion on the Moissanite stones and their characteristic features that you should remember before you order diamonds online.

In the early years, it was believed that diamonds are the perfect stones with all the essential attributes such as high Mohs Hardness grade. However, as moissanite came into the market, it started getting accepted by many. It boasted a 9.25 score on the Mohs Hardness grade. Further, it was easier to reproduce moissanite than diamonds. T was also believed to have special crystal healing properties, which contributed to its added popularity.

Moissanite Manufacturing Technique

Since natural moissanite is very scarce, very limited amounts of it is used to make jewelry. Meanwhile, lab-created moissanite has many beneficial properties. This includes high dispersion of 0.104 compared to the 0.044 of the diamond and a better refractive index of 2.69 in comparison to 2.42 of diamonds. All these contribute to a higher brilliance. It is synthesized when one crystal is subject to a certain thermal process. Note that the large forms of moissanite are not possible to manufacture in a lab.

Where is Moissanite Found?

Arizona is the chief source of moissanite in their natural form. The value of this natural moissanite is significantly higher than the artificially produced moissanite. Besides, it is important to note that natural moissanite is found in a minute form. This makes it impossible to create jewelry from them. Therefore, remember that almost all the jewelry you find from moissanite is in synthesized in a lab. The first ever trace of moissanite was discovered by Henri Moissan from Arizona itself. This was located in a meteor crater, making it more controversial. Many speculated that it was out of the planet.

Moissanite Color Energies

You may know that diamonds are allotted grades according to the 4 Cs. Meanwhile, moissanite is assesses based on color and carat alone. Therefore, it is based on 2Cs.

Moissanite is an excellent gemstone when it comes to colors displayed. It may surprise many people but they display different varieties of colors like diamonds. Even when they are colorless, they exude a yellow or green shade depending on the light source. Below are the different variations of colors available.

Colorless: this form of moissanite is compared to the K graded diamonds of GIA.

Green: The green shades found in Moissanite are duller than that of morganite. They are commonly found in pale or faded green hues.

Yellow: commonly, Moissanite appears yellow topaz or citrine in color. The yellow moissanite has thousands of sparkles emitted from its inside.

Blue: Blue moissanite usually carry tanzanite or aquamarine tones. Needless to mention, they look very attractive.

Black: Black moissanite imitates the black onyx. They are preserved as a protective stone.

Cleaning a Moissanite

  • Get a bowl
  • Fill the bowl with warm water
  • Add a few droplets of fragrance-less detergent to the bowl
  • Get a soft bristle brush and immerse it in the bowl.
  • Next, clean the moissanite jewelry or ring with your soapy brush
  • Now cleanse it under cold water
  • Place it in a jar or brush it gently using a microfiber cloth

Reasons for Choosing a Moissanite

There are several reasons why buying Moissanite might be a feasible option. Below is a brief discussion on the same.

Less Expensive

Moissanite is much cheaper than diamonds. For instance, it is possible to get colorless moissanite weighing 1-carat for about $600. On the other hand, even the near-colorless diamond of the same weight will cost you about $5,000. Note that their price is decided by whether there has been an enhancement process or not. If the moissanite is enhanced, it will certainly cost higher. In the absence of this process, there is expected to be a yellow tint.

Extreme Brilliance

Moissanite has excellent sparkle properties. This is partly due to its high refractive index. This factor ensures that they have a higher sparkle than that of a diamond. the sparkles might be rainbow colored and not colorless as commonly seen. It means you will get a flashy ring.

Higher Clarity

Moissanite is not allowed to trade if they do not possess a clarity grade of VS or higher. This ensures that there are no visible flaws. Remember that diamonds may have flaws that could be spotted with the naked eyes.

Ethical Origin

Contrary to diamonds, moissanite is not mined from the Earth’s insides. They are synthesized in a lab. This ensures that there are no unfair labor practices in use. Besides, this ensures a reduced carbon footprint in its creation.

Overall, moissanite is an excellent low budget substitute for diamonds. Consider the above properties when you look to order diamonds online

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