Amazing Facts about Alluring Pink Diamonds

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Amazing Diamond Facts

The allure of pink diamonds is something that anyone can hardly resist, especially women. The pink color looks supreme in anything, so it will not be hard to imagine how stunningly awesome a jewelry piece would look if it had pink diamonds. Below are some amazing facts about pink diamonds, which will surely make you fall for these fascinating gemstones.

The Rarity

Pink colored gemstones are very common, but this is not the case when it comes to diamonds. Note that pink diamonds are one of the rarest options. In fact, out of every thousand carat of rough diamonds mined, only about one carat will be pink diamonds. This rarity, as well as its lustrous color, adds to its overall value. Pink diamonds are distinguished with their unique detailing as well.

The Origins

The biggest mine in the world to dig out pink diamonds is the Argyle Mine in Western Australia. More than 90% of the total pink diamonds in the world come from this mine. As a consumer, you are likely to get great deals on your pink beauties if you buy diamonds from Australia when compared to other places. The Argyle Mine is owned by Rio Tinto Company and these incredible pink stone are cut, polished, shaped, and then sold at their headquarters by means of an exclusive tender.

The Beauty

One of the interesting things about diamonds is that no two stones look the same. Usually, pink diamonds come with a secondary color and they are documented in the diamond grading report as orange pink or purple pink. So, when you buy a pink diamond online, make sure to check the secondary hue of the stone, as it can really affect its overall appeal.

The reason behind the pink color of diamonds is still unknown, unlike most other colored diamonds. However, speculations are that it is some kind of deformation in the diamond structure, which makes the stone turn pink.

As a result of the captivating appeal and rarity, pink diamonds are unbelievably expensive. Note that the price of a one-carat pink diamond usually ranges from $100,000 to $1 million depending on its cut, shape, clarity, and color. Unsurprisingly, people opt to flaunt pink diamond rings in order to show off their lifestyle and status. Besides, the secondary hues of pink diamonds can affect its cost. Normally, pink diamonds with purple secondary hue will be more expensive than the ones with brown secondary hues.

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