Diamond Ring Styles for a Different Appearance

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Diamond Ring Styles

Opting for change always make things look beautiful. This is especially true in the case of jewelry. Picking unique designs will definitely make your diamond engagement rings look beautiful. Therefore, if you want to stand out from the crowd, it is advisable to choose a different style from the mainstream designs. There are several good choices for you to select from. Below is a discussion on some of the best available styles of diamond rings.


Solitaire diamond rings are identified by a central stone that grabs most of the attention. These are among one of the classiest designs. It symbolizes unity, and the bond created when two people come together in life. The two main settings in solitaire diamonds are:

•    Prong Setting

In prong-set diamond rings, the stone is almost suspended on the surface of the ring. This is kept together by beautiful prongs that project upwards from the shank.

•    Bezel Setting

In bezel-set diamond rings, the stone is held together by a narrow strip of metal that runs through its edges. It is generally employed to mount stones with a flat back. When these stones are mounted in bezel settings, their brilliance is boosted.


These rings are related to the classic solitaire ring. They are also brilliant and stylish enough to go with modern rings. They create brilliance by adding smaller stones around the main stone. This creates the halo of diamonds. The main purpose of the halo is to bring attention to the center stone. The result is that the center stone looks at least half a carat larger than its original size.


This style consists of diamonds featuring along the side of the center stone. The popular style in side stone design is the three stone rings and the stones on the side add to the brilliance of the center stone. Also, the presence of smaller stones on the side will make the center stone look larger in size than it actually is. You can find and  buy real diamonds online and get this design done by them.


The typical characteristic of an eternity ring is that there are similarly sized gemstones running all around the diamond ring. Due to the never-ending array of stones, it symbolizes an everlasting bond. They also have a romantic appeal about them. Due to this reason, they are commonly used in wedding bands. You can easily acquire one of these from the many dealers that sell diamond online.

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