How To Buy Diamond Jewelry Online?

How To Buy Diamond Jewelry Online
How To Buy Diamond Jewelry Online

Nowadays it is possible to purchase anything online including diamond jewelry and many of you must be wondering how. Just like purchasing any other valuable, you must have a personal in-store experience to assess their quality. Well, you need not worry; many of the online vendors or jewelry stores offer facilities for this and it is more cheaper than buying from a regular brick and mortar store. So if you were trying to know how to buy diamond jewelry online?, you have come to the right place; read ahead to know more.

The Budget

Before you begin your search for the diamond jewelry, set the budget so that you can decide the qualities of  it accordingly or vice versa. In the case of diamonds, it is determined by the 4C’s: cut, colour, clarity and carat. Of these the cut of the stone is important as it determines the brilliance and sparkle; this rating varies from excellent to poor. For example, two diamonds of the same carat weight and colour, the one with better cut will cost more as it affects the appearance. According to experts it is the tendency among online shoppers to overlook this aspect. So, based on your budget if you buy a diamond of poor cut, it will look less radiant.

Verifying The Online Vendor

Buying from a reputable and trustworthy online vendor is important, as you want to avoid the risk of being swindled with a substandard product. So, you must ensure that the seller is legitimate and check for their business accreditation. They must have good return policies and offer money back guarantee in case of damage or faulty product. Many genuine online jewelry stores insure their shipping packages and it is free. Besides, they must offer the facility for online payment methods and require the signature of the purchaser upon delivery. Also, the diamond must have a certificate from testing labs like GIA, AGS or IGI as they are globally renowned. Besides, the online retailer must have a physical store or location where you can see the stone for real before purchasing.

Take A Second Opinion

These online vendors or jewelry stores provide the videos and images of the diamond ring so that you can check its quality. In case you have doubts about your selection, share the details with a personally known gemologist to get his opinion before finalising the purchase.

Having said that all, you must check online diamond reviews beforehand so that you are not in an unfamiliar territory to avoid being swindled.

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