Points To Know About Color When You Buy Diamonds Online

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People buy diamonds online because of the wide assortment of options available, coupled with cheaper prices. One of the major factors that influence the purchase of a diamond is its color; it affects the price as well. You must also know that colored diamonds are formed naturally, and they can be created in the laboratory as well. These stones fall under the category of fancy colored diamonds, the rarer the color the more valuable it is and vice versa, read on to know more about it.

How Coloured Diamonds Are Formed?

Diamonds are formed deep inside the earth’s mantle under extreme pressure and temperature. Under these conditions, carbon atoms crystallize to form one of the hardest substances on earth, diamond. Colored diamonds are formed due to the presence of impurities or structural defects in the crystal structure of carbon molecules, and the color varies according to the type of impurity. Also, perfect colorless diamonds are formed when there are no chemical impurities and structural defects in the crystalline structure of carbon molecules. Listed below are details regarding some popular types of colored diamonds.

Red Diamonds

Among the different types of fancy colored diamonds, red diamonds are the most valuable ones because of their rarity. Unlike other colored diamonds, it is not formed due to the presence of impurities in the crystal structure. The color is formed due to the change in electron structure, and this process is known as plastic deformation. This change happens when the diamond is on its way to the surface of the earth from the mantle. Moreover, when light passes through the crystal lattice of these diamonds, it gets dispersed and reflects only the red spectrum of light.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow-colored diamonds are formed due to the presence of nitrogen impurities in the crystal lattice. When light passes through the stone, nitrogen absorbs blue light, reflecting only yellow light. These are one of the most readily available fancy colored diamonds when you buy diamond stone online. Also, they make up to 60% of colored diamonds in the world.  Vivid colored yellow diamonds are becoming popular because of their rarity, and they are only mined in South Africa.

Black Diamonds

Black colored diamonds are formed due to the inclusion of high amounts of graphite in the crystal structure of the stone. They are popular because of the contrast it offers to the colorless diamond on ring metals like platinum and white gold used in engagement or wedding rings.

We hope that the aforementioned details about fancy colored diamonds will help make your choice when you buy diamonds.

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