Should you Blindly Rely on Diamond Certification?

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It is a known thing that you will not be able to see the diamonds for real when you shop online diamonds. Here, you will have to fully trust the diamond certificate that is associated with each gemstone. Of course, a diamond grading report holds great value since it is the proof that the diamonds that you buy are worth the money that you spend on it. Usually, the details regarding the cut, clarity, carat weight, and color of the diamond will be documented in the certificate document. These are that basic factors, that make your rocks valuable and unique.

Many diamond buyers have a misconception that the gemstones that come with a proper certificate are of greater value when compared to the ones that do not have a certificate. Actually, diamond certification will not boost up the value of any diamond. Rather, it is just a proof that the diamond that you have chosen is genuine and it has all those qualities that it claims.

Even though it is important to purchase certified diamonds online, there could be some plot holes in it, which you must be aware of. For instance, only the basic characteristics of the diamond will be listed in the document and it will not entail any of the details regarding the external appearance of the stone. Hence, there can be some notable differences between two diamonds even if they have the same certificate grading. This is because of the impact of many other factors such as the crown angle and length, table angle and depth, pavilion angle and depth, etc.

In addition, the details regarding the bow tie effect of the diamond will not be included in the grading report. It is worth noting that diamonds with severe bow tie effect will look very dull and lifeless even if it boasts the best cut quality and clarity grade. In short, all the values in a diamond certificate portray the gemological properties of a stone, not how it looks in real.

Hence, it is better to look your diamond through a loupe prior to making your purchase rather than simply relying on the certificates alone. This is the best way to ensure that the diamond you choose is visually appealing like you would have envisioned. Fortunately, most diamond online stores offer a enlarged view of their diamonds up to 40x magnification.

Another important thing that you must notice in this case is to avoid certificates issued by the jewelry store themselves or that by a third party. The most reliable and reputed agencies in the United States to issue diamond certificates are GIA and AGS. It is better to choose gemstones accredited by any of these options so that you do not get scammed.

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