Things to Know before Buying Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

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A ‘candlelight diamond’ as it was known centuries back depicts an antique style that reveals the very initial stages of how diamonds were cut and placed very primitively in the rings. The pillow-like appearance of the stone offered a romantic appeal in the beginning stages itself. Still, the diamonds with soft square edges are preferred by many buyers and the following are some significant things to note prior to its purchase.

GIA Certifications

Like every other diamonds, the grading of diamonds is to be checked on before buying a cushion cut diamond. However, the process of a double check has to be done for cushion cut. An external, unbiased and reputable appraisal of the diamond will be offered by the certification.


It is always advised to buy either an S12 or S11, known for its optimal value. In order to attain that best clarity for your emerald-cut diamond, it may cost you more. With that large open table surface it possesses, it becomes difficult to clean the delicate S12 stone. Meanwhile, GIA can be of great help for evaluating clarity grades. Anyhow, many of those buyers are comfortable opting for stones with their own ideas and concepts, say, stones that are more technically flawless.

Cut Parameters

When it comes to the cut of the emerald diamond, it would be wise to buy a stone with minimum 70% depth, a very good polish/symmetry and a table of below 70%. Choosing the width/length ratio is up to your wish. You need to remember that the evaluation of the stone’s cut quality solely by the numbers won’t make any sense unless you are educated with necessary recommendations. 


Choosing a color that suits your emerald-cut diamond is quite a risky task, as they are said to lose its color with that unique shape unless you have a fancy color diamond manufacturer that helps you with it. Hence, it is worthwhile to go for something like an H color or similar ones. Some may opt for a rose gold or yellow, or plainly K or J colors, for emerald cuts which would turn out to be a better choice

Online Shopping of Emerald-cut Diamonds

The clarity symmetry and light performance of the diamonds cannot simply be verified by viewing the stock photos alone. Moreover, when you buy diamonds online, you need to double check the close-up photos, or inspect more on the video if at all it is available. Getting acquainted with the seller’s after-sales policies is also necessary which would provide details about warranty and returns. 

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