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The color of a diamond is one among the 4C’s of a diamond. It is using the 4C’s that a diamond is graded. If you are shopping for a diamond, it is very important to know the color of the diamond that you are purchasing. Normally diamonds are colorless, but certain diamonds will contain more amount of nitrogen in them, and this will give a yellow hue to the diamonds. Here are certain essential things you should know about the color of a diamond, while you do diamond purchase online or offline.

The Value of the Diamond Depends on its Color

Colorless diamonds are very rare, and if available, they will be very costly. Most of the diamonds that are available in the market are the ones with a slight yellow or brown tint. The measurement scale ranging from D to Z is used by the GIA in finding the color of a diamond. D represents an entirely colorless diamond, whereas the following letters depict the presence of the yellow hue in the stone.

The Color Grade of a Diamond is to Be Determined by a Reputed Laboratory

It may sometimes be difficult to see the perfect color of a diamond in your hands, with your naked eyes. However, if GIA or any other reputed laboratory grades the stone, the report will show the exact color grade of the diamond. The color difference in the diamonds can largely affect the price of the diamond. The grading report by GIA and other reputed labs are trustworthy, and will clearly say about the presence of the yellow tint in the diamond if any.

Fancy Colored Diamonds are Graded Using a Different Scale than the Colorless Diamonds

There are certain diamonds, which come in fancy colors like yellow, red, pink, blue, black, etc. These diamonds are not graded using the normal D-Z scale, used to grade the diamonds. They are graded using a different scale altogether.

Diamond Color Can Be Improved by Treatment

There are both the normal diamonds and the treated diamonds in the market. It can be observed that the normal untreated diamonds will be costlier than the treated diamonds. The high-pressure high-temperature treatment (HPHT) can change the color of a diamond. The change will be a permanent one. There is also a process called annealing, which can be used to change the color of a diamond. However, this process can be done only after the irradiation process.

The color of a diamond is very important, and hence, you must give utmost importance to the color of the diamond that you buy.

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