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Choosing diamond engagement rings is always a daunting task. After all, a good amount of your savings is at stake. Plus, you are choosing something that symbolically eternalizes your relationship with your partner. You will have to consider tons of things while choosing a sparkler such as its cut, clarity, carat weight, shape, color, settings, metal band, etc. Out of these, one of the most important factors that you must never overlook is the diamond cut. Note that the cut of a diamond decides its ability to reflect light. In other words, the cut quality of a diamond will be directly proportional to its sparkle. Obviously, the prime motive for you to buy diamonds would be the inimitable sparkle it offers.

There are around ten types of diamond cuts. The round one is the conventional option and the rest is termed as fancy cut diamonds. Currently, most millennials prefer to steer away from the classic and traditional diamond ring designs making fancy cut diamonds a hands-on winner. Some of the popular fancy cut diamonds include marquise cut, pear cut, oval cut, princess cut, Asscher cut, cushion cut, etc. You may choose any option that you prefer. Try to keep your personality and style in mind as you zero in on a choice. Otherwise, your ring is likely to go out of fashion shortly since diamond ring trends tend to change frequently. So, choosing a diamond ring that defines you will always be a safe option.

One of the trending diamond cuts that most people are drooling over these days is the pear cut. As the name indicates, this alluring diamond cut resembles the shape of a pear fruit. Also known as teardrop diamonds, a pear cut diamond can be defined as a charismatic blend of round and marquise cut diamonds. People are going crazy over the tapered lines of these diamonds that make it an elegant and flattering choice for your diamond engagement ring. Now, there are certain crucial factors that you must look for while choosing a pear cut diamond engagement ring.

Anatomy of a Pear Cut Diamond

The first step you must consider while choosing a pear cut diamond is to master its anatomy. This will make it easier for you to pick the right option. First of all, hold your diamond in a face-up position and evaluate it thoroughly. On a related note, it will be better to buy loose diamonds first and then, set it in a ring. A perfect pear cut diamond will have rounded shoulders and wings, which create beautiful arches. If these two elements are flatter, your diamond is likely to look narrow. On the contrary, extremely rounded shoulders and wings will make your gemstone stubby and short.

When it comes to the brilliance of a pear cut diamond, it is crafted to sparkle to the fullest, like round cut diamonds. Some important parts of a brilliantly faceted pear cut diamonds are listed below, you may refer to this for getting an in-depth idea regarding the same.

Culet – the small facet that is found at the bottom pavilion of a diamond. This is important to keep your stone away from abrasions and chipping

Crown – the top portion of a diamond that is located above the girdle

Girdle – the imaginary diametric line of a diamond that separates its crown portion from the pavilion

Pavilion – the bottom half of a diamond that is located below the girdle. It reflects the light towards the crown making a diamond brilliant.

Table – the large facet in a diamond that is located at the center of the crown.


One of the main factors that you must pay special attention when you buy loose diamonds, particularly the fancy cut ones, is its symmetry. Note that even a single flaw in the symmetry of a diamond will ruin its overall appeal. To confirm that a pear cut diamond flaunts perfect symmetry, draw an imaginary line through its center and assess the stone carefully. For a perfect stone, one half of the diamond will be the exact mirror image of the other half. Further, thoroughly evaluate the shoulders, wings, and belly of the stone. Additionally, make sure that the facet placement, its size, shape, etc. as well match perfectly with its counterpart. For an untrained eye, it can be a bit challenging to evaluate all these factors. In such cases, look for the things that will pose a negative impact on the pear cut diamonds such as high shoulders, undefined points, flat and bulged wings, etc. You may check all these factors easily by looking at your diamond through a magnifier or a diamond loupe.

The Length to Width Ratio

Another factor that is as important as the symmetry of a fancy cut diamond is its length to width ratio. According to the professionals, the perfect LTW that shows off the incredible beauty of a pear cut diamond ranges between 1.59 and 1.75. Anything below or above this ratio will make your diamond look narrower or stubby respectively. However, some people often tend to ignore this factor and go for the one that they find visibly appealing. After all, you are likely to wear your diamond engagement ring for the rest of your life. So, it is necessary for the wearer to fall in love with it rather than following the perfect diamond buying strategies.

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