Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

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An engagement ring is, without doubt, a great possession to be treasured for a lifetime. However, over time, there may arise many reasons for you to think about upgrading your engagement ring.

At the same time, some people think that it is not wise to do an upgrade of their engagement ring. They feel that the engagement ring should be preserved, as it is in its original state so that they can always be proud of preserving it safe since the engagement day. While these are all completely okay to do, it is good to know the pros and cons of upgrading your engagement ring.

Reasons For Not Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

  • The engagement ring can be something you hold very close to your heart. It might mean so much to you. It might be crucial in bringing the foregone memories of your beloved one to you. It is undoubtedly, representing the most beautiful moments of your life. Upgrading your engagement ring can affect you sentimentally and you may be disheartened.
  • After the marriage, your life will change considerably. When you were single and working, you had enough money to spend on your interests. However, after being in the family, you will have to keep your finances restricted to the top priority things. You may not be able to keep apart enough money to upgrade your engagement ring according to the style of the day.
  • The engagement ring you received might be one that is of great value and significance in the family. You might have received it from the previous generation and then you will be indebted to pass it on to the next generation. It will be counted as disrespect on your part if you choose to alter or upgrade that ring which is so close to the family as a whole.

Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

  • Engagement and marriage is just the beginning of family life. As you go further, there will be many opportunities to celebrate. Upgrading the ring on such occasions can stay as a gentle reminder to you.
  • You may not have been able to afford your desired diamond ring at your engagement because of financial struggles. You may have been compelled to buy cheap diamonds at that time. This can be overcome and your dream can be fulfilled when you become financially sound after your marriage.
  • Your likes and tastes may have changed over time. It will be wise to follow your heart and upgrade your ring according to your desire and style of the time.

Now that you have known the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading your engagement ring, you may choose the one ideal for you.

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