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Are you planning to order diamonds online? Then you need to keep in mind a few important things that are discussed below. Some of us will never be satisfied by the traditional engagement ring styles that are available in the market and might look to make our own style of engagement ring. Whatever be your need, you will need to understand the following points before you order diamonds online.

Know your Options

Most of the diamonds, which you see online or at a local jewelry shop, are mined from the Earth by people like us. However, these are not the only options available to you. You can consider alternatives such as lab created gemstones too, because conflict diamonds are still making their way to the diamond market via loopholes in the Kimberley Process, which is the international initiative that is made to increase oversight and transparency in the industry.

If you are not very particular about having a diamond that was formed naturally under the Earth’s crust, then you can go for the lab grown diamonds. These diamonds have the same chemical and physical composition as their Earth-mined counterparts, but they are made in the laboratory under controlled settings. Another advantage of lab grown diamonds, other than being eco friendly and conflict free, is that these diamonds are available between fifteen to thirty percent less price than natural Earth-mined diamonds. This is because of the fewer middlemen and presence of very less price manipulation.

If you are not so particular about having a diamond engagement ring, but need the diamond look, then you can go for the moissanite or white sapphire too. However, remember that both these options will look duller than a lab created diamond. Regardless of the type of stone that you are planning to buy, make sure to check out the designs and cuts carefully because that will determine how the rock will look on your finger. Below are some do’s and don’ts o shopping diamond online.


When you plan to order diamonds online, you can start with a Google search to get a sense of the brands that align with your preferences. After that, you can dive deep through the diamond selling websites.

  • You can go for brands that provide real videos and images of the diamonds. There are many online diamond sellers, which make use of digital renderings.
  • Go for carat weights just around round numbers. This is because a 1.95 carat diamond will cost much less than a 2.0 carat diamond, while both these stones will look the same to the naked eye.
  • Think if you will need to reset the stone down the line. Choosing a ring with many little diamonds can make it difficult to reset later when compared to a ring with a single big stone.
  • Think about how the setting that you are planning to have for the ring would match a wedding band. You might have to wear the engagement ring and the wedding band together after your wedding.
  • Make sure to research on the returning fees before buying the diamond. Some of the sellers might charge you a percent of the price of the diamond when you plan to return it. If you are not sure about that, you can enquire about the same at the customer service.
  • If you are unable to find an engagement ring design that you are looking for, you can go for sellers offering custom design services and buy loose diamonds. In fact, that is a great way to ensure that you get a top quality gemstone.


Diamond Online
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There are many don’ts in online diamond shopping as well. As there are a lot of options in the virtual market too, chances are that you might get ripped off if you were not careful.

  • Never go for “too good to be true” deals. Understand that if a diamond is priced much below the average prices, it might be cloudy, poorly cut, and of low quality.
  • Never get caught up in the idea of buying a Flawless diamond. Most of the websites will show you diamonds magnified a lot to show how the diamond would look like under a jeweler’s loop. You will never look that closely at a stone in real life, meaning that slight flaws and imperfections on the stone will not be seen with naked eyes.
  • Never spend your complete budget on the diamond. Going for settings with more stones can cost you thousands of dollars and you will also have to find more money to insure the ring. Moreover, you will also have to invest in a real strong safe if you plan to leave the diamond ring at home for long.
  • Never forget to insure your diamond ring. Accidents can happen anytime, and if the ring is insured, you will not have to worry about losing or misplacing it.
  • Never buy loose diamonds that do not come with an authenticity document as that by the GIA. The certification by an internationally recognized gemological institute assures that you get exactly what the seller is offering you.

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