Kim Kardashian West Flashes Her Diamond Ring at Travis Scott’s Party

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The robbery of Kim Kardashian West’s jewelry was a well-documented event, which occurred back in 2016. At the recent birthday bash of Travis Scott, the reality TV star turned up wearing a diamond ring on her finger for one of the few times in public after that robbery. The party was a much-photographed event, where Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster dressed up as characters from the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Kardashian was photographed flashing an enormous diamond on her engagement ring finger, and this has already caught the eye of the media.

Ever since she was robbed during the 2016 Paris Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian cut down the number of jewelry pieces she wears to public events. This was a rare instance of a celebrity choosing to wear a diamond ring in public following something as shocking as what happened back in Paris.

Singer Kanye West’s wife was recently seen sporting what seemed like an engagement ring at the Christmas Eve celebration. While the whole event in December 2018 was shut off from the common public and was held at her residence, the media still got the information about what she was wearing from a series of family photographs.

The media also understand that the Kardashians family no longer keeps jewelry in their house, and typically avoids wearing opulent gemstones for an obvious reason. A reliable source told that Kim Kardashian also follows this approach because “she is much more careful about being flashy.”

We live in the day and age of social media, and celebrities’ movements are tracked by those with malicious intentions. Such people track down the places celebs visit and strategize their plans on how to carry out the jewelry heist. For this reason, the public has also become more conscious, and warn celebrities of the risks associated with showing off their jewelry on social media platforms. A recent example was that of Danielle Lloyd, who showed off her diamond ring on Instagram – people warned the model of the likely dangers that come with doing such things. They not only warned her but also referred to the events which Kim Kardashian went through in Paris. In the talk show with Ellen DeGeneres, Kim Kardashian explained how the robbery fully changed her outlook about life.

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