What to Do if Your Diamond is Chipped or Damaged?

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Diamond is one of the hardest substances found on the earth. Hence, it will not easily break or crack. However, it can be possible for your diamonds to get chipped over time, especially if it endures high pressure. Diamonds are very costly; hence it can break your heart if your diamond chips. But do not panic as there are some options available for you to deal with a chipped diamond. Following are some guidelines that will help you to handle a chipped or damaged diamond.

Exchange your diamond

It may be possible for you to exchange your chipped diamond for a new one at the jewelry store from where you purchased the diamond. Check the documents to find out whether your jeweler facilitates diamond exchange. When you buy diamonds, it is important to ask the jeweler if they allow the exchange of diamonds.

However, even if the jeweler agrees to give you a new diamond in exchange for your damaged one, the value you will get for this diamond will be very low, as the chip will reduce the value of your diamond. Therefore, you will have to add an additional amount if you want to get a diamond with the same quality and size. Hence, buy certified diamonds to ensure that you will get the maximum value when you exchange your diamond.

However, if you have insurance coverage for your diamond, you don’t have to worry about this, as it will help you to get a new diamond without spending money from your pocket.

Changing the jewelry setting

If the chip is small, you can hide it by changing the setting or your jewelry. If you have a prong setting, then rotate the diamond in a way that the prong will cover the chip. You can also change the setting to one that covers your stone more, for example, a bezel setting.

If these options are not available, then your last option is re-cutting.

Re-cutting the diamond

Re-cutting is the process of cutting your diamond again for eliminating the chip. You should do this only if the above options are not available, because it can reduce the value of your diamond.

You will have to pay additional charges for cutting the diamonds. Also, you will lose a portion of your diamond and it will become smaller than its original size. You will have to adjust your mounting also for it to fit the new size of your stone.

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