What You Need To Know About Conflict-Free Diamonds

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A conflict diamond refers to a diamond mined at an armed conflict area and traded illegally to finance the fighting. Simply put, conflict-free diamonds are not mined in such a place and not used to fund such activity.

Jewelers worth their salt always reveal the truth about jewelry with diamonds, and they routinely provide laboratory reports and/or papers concerning their origins. The first thing to ask for when you buy real diamonds online is that documentation suggesting that the stones are conflict-free and responsibly-sourced.

As it happens, hash-tagging or Googling “conflict-free diamonds” could just lead you to several brands, which carry both natural and lab-made jewelry. Ethical jewelry brands use only conflict-free diamonds, and some personally chose every diamond in their collection and refuses to purchase the ones lacking the Kimberley Process certification.

It is not possible to identify with certainty how many diamonds available in the market are free of conflict. So how do you make this diamond purchase online? To do that, you should be aware of the countries from where these are sourced. These diamonds are mined from nations such as Canada, Australia, Botswana, Russia, and other African nations.

One celebrity, whose ring features Botswana diamond, is Meghan Markle. Prince Harry gave her this ring with the conflict-free center diamond, surrounded by diamonds taken from Princess Diana’s collection. Prince Harry revisited Botswana, the same place where he sourced the jewel for the Duchess of Sussex, as part of a movement to help protect black endangered rhinos. So this ethicality aspect is also seen in the actions of the Duke of Sussex. That explains why this particular piece is at the top of the list of the most popular and ethical engagement rings.

Botswana is part of the Kimberley Process. A decade ago, a coalition of non-governmental organizations, governments, and the diamond industry established this international program. They did it to control the import and export of raw diamonds in a bid to eliminate the blood diamond’s trade. The program of the Kimberley Process Certification specifies requirements and rules, which participating nations must follow to make sure a diamond is extracted and shipped humanely and legitimately. Diamonds that meet these rules are exported with this certificate. Before you purchase a diamond, ask for it. An absence of the Kimberley certificate is one of the big red flags that the stone you are considering is likely not something which the jewelry retailer claims it is.

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