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The season of engagements and weddings is upon us. So are you planning to propose marriage, or drop hints about the engagement ring you would like to have, to your lover? Either way, you are going to need some information on the types of diamond shapes and cuts. Below is a discussion on the different diamond shapes that you need to know before you buy diamonds online.

Round Brilliant

This is a classic diamond shape for a traditional girl. A round diamond is cut for the maximum brilliance, so your conventional girl is sure to love it. If she has wide fingers, give this to her as it will make them look even wider.

This is the most popular and priciest of all diamond shapes out there. It is the most popular one because it gives off the most sparkle and fire among all diamond shapes. It is the most expensive one because to achieve the round shape, more of the raw diamond has to be cut away.

The round brilliant stone is used in many engagement ring settings, including the more traditional solitaire and three-stone settings.

Emerald Shape

This diamond is cut into the same shape as an emerald gemstone. A rectangular-shaped diamond can make short fingers look longer, as long as it is not so big it overwhelms the finger. This elegant and long shape is perfect for those who wish to showcase the clarity and color of the rock. This particular shape provides bright and sustained sparkle.

You will find emerald cut diamonds set in solitaire rings, but it looks the best in the pieces with more stones than one. A popular option is the Art Deco style.


An oval cut diamond has a traditional feel, but with a more modern twist. So it is a worthy option for your girlfriend who is more traditional, yet would not mind wearing something modern. It is similar to a round diamond in terms of brilliance and fire. Although it is not as popular as the round brilliant cut stone, it does not cost that much and appears bigger than it.

The oval diamond will make her finger appear even longer and slimmer. So if you want to flatter your girlfriend, this is also worth giving to her.


The cushion cut diamond gets its name thanks to the shape, which is similar to a pillow. For this reason, it is also known as a pillow-shaped diamond.

It is usually a square-shaped stone, but the rectangular one with rounded corners also exists in the market.


This diamond has a shape that resembles the football used in the National Football League. The gemstone appears the biggest one among all cuts. To elongate your girlfriend’s finger, the marquise is one of the three shapes that you can choose. The following diamond cut is the third one, which can be used to achieve that goal.


That said the wearer should take extra care of their diamond with pointy edges. If the ends are left exposed on an engagement ring with a pear cut diamond, the rock can snag on clothing and hair. However, this can be avoided by having the gem put in a 5-claw setting.

This shape is also known as a “teardrop” owing to the similarity in its look to the drop of tear. It is a blend of both marquise and round diamond shapes. Those who prefer this shape are likely to be peaceful and easy-going types.


The next most popular diamond shape after the round brilliant is the princess. It is considered a more modern style, and is known for the feminine silhouette.

A princess cut diamond will look larger than a round one of comparable carat, but it will have slightly less sparkle than the latter. It will look particularly good on a small and dainty finger. It will not overwhelm the finger as long as it is not surrounded by statement settings.

Choose it for the brilliance or unique shape for your future wife, and she will feel as regal as the diamond’s namesake.


This diamond shape is the most romantic choice for hardcore romantic people. As the name implies, it is shaped just like a heart, the ultimate token of love there is. What could be more symbolic, mnemonic and memorable as a heart-shaped diamond?

If you are choosing this, make sure you choose a solitaire. Why? Because it looks at its best when set as one stone at the center of an engagement ring.


This diamond has square-cut corners and pointed culets. It is a 21st-century upgrade to the emerald cut diamond, because as compared to that shape, it has a smaller table, a higher crown, and larger step-cut facets. Because it has all these features, the Asscher cut diamond will sparkle more than the emerald-shaped one.

It is ideal for those who want a vintage engagement ring with a modern flair.

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