Choosing Vintage Jewelry Based on Personality

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Buying a vintage engagement ring, or even custom-designing one after taking inspiration from styles from a bygone era, is one of the most romantic ways to go with jewelry. Because all vintage pieces carry deep symbolic meaning, and represent times of greatness as such, they are often well worth the money you spend on them. However, with the excessive number of choices you see these days, narrowing down on the perfect choice can become a bit confusing.

Choosing any engagement ring is bound to serve up problems, especially given that it is the very first piece of jewelry the average man actually buys. The thing becomes even more baffling when you arrive at a jewelry store and the salesperson there rams you with a huge number of options in diamond cuts, shapes, stone settings, metal choices, etc. Nowadays, you also have the option to go in for other precious gemstone alternatives if your woman does not like having a diamond as the centerpiece in her engagement ring. All of these considerations generally make for a truly complicated buying process.

To make things a bit easier, you should first try understanding the personal preferences of your soon-to-be fiancé. Find out how she likes her jewelry, and how she manages her wardrobe to match. After noting those things, you need to pull your attention back to her personality, as well as figure out what type of stones and precious metals she adores. With all that data in hand, you can approach a renowned jeweler and make an educated purchase decision.

Professionals in the gem and jewelry market can easily help you with finding an engagement ring which represents the love and commitment at the center of your relationship, especially when you know what your beloved likes. Below is a brief look at the different personalities of women, and the vintage jewelry that suits different brides. It should help narrow down your options as per your partner’s style, and to buy the right jewelry for her.

The Diva

If your woman loves being in the spotlight, and is not afraid of taking risks with respect to fashion, jewelry from the Art Deco period would perhaps suit her fingers well. She could be a natural performer, or someone who prefers ‘dressing to impress’. Engagement jewelry from the Art Deco era is glitzy and showy, which means that it is perfect for women who have a bold attitude and love being the center of attention.

The Classy Chick

If your woman prefers having a feminine touch in everything she wears on her person, then vintage engagement rings from the Edwardian era are worth looking at. This works even better if she is a romantic as well. Jewelry from these periods perfectly complements the traditional girl who has a special liking for old-fashioned designs. Traditional does not mean you need to get something boring though – in fact, you can have a lot of complex designs in the jewelry you pick out which has an old-world style to it.

The Tomboy

If your woman shuns traditional things and cultural norms as a rule, and prefers being unique and straightforward, then Georgian period engagement jewelry would be the best choice for her. Jewelry from this era features bold designs and simple settings which are perfect for women leading a hands-on lifestyle. Other than that, you can also get durable precious gemstones in this period’s jewelry to complement the rough-and-tough style statement your lady loves making.

The Daydreamer

If your woman cannot get enough of enchantments, dragons, and other fantasy stories, then engagement jewelry from the Art Nouveau period would surely succeed in delighting her to the core. Engagement rings from this era feature artistic designs and intricate detailing, which perfectly bridge the gap between traditional and unconventional jewelry. Proposing to your woman with such a vintage ring in a foreign destination would further add to the charm of the moment.

The Optimistic

If your special woman is the type of person who always looks at things in a positive light, then an engagement ring from the Retro era would be the best match for her. Jewelry of this era features simple yet glamorous designs which encourage positive feelings in the wearer. Jewelry from this period is easy to maintain and clean as well, which means your ladylove can flaunt her ring everyday with all the pride and joy she can muster.

The Techie

If your woman often finds herself talking about computers and the latest technological advancements, then a modern engagement ring might just be the answer for her fashion needs. Such jewelry pieces usually feature a single stone each on a unique metal band, like one made of tungsten or titanium; the stone is sometimes hammered on to the band so that no prong need be used in setting it there. Some designs even feature multiple stones set in a channel layout, with subtle modern twists in different style variations.

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