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A three stone engagement ring is one that features a large stone at the center, flanked by two stones at the sides. Usually, the side stones in a three stone ring are smaller than the one at the center. While there is no rule that says the center stone must be a diamond, many people choose the time-honored token of love in their rings. If you are wondering which diamond shape works the best for the three stone setting, the below guide might clear things up a little.

The Best Diamond Shapes for the Ring

As the round brilliant stone is by far the most popular shape, it is predictable that you will see several three stone rings set with it. Other popular shapes for the setting are square or rectangular princess cut, the oval cut, as well as the cushion shaped diamonds. A diamond engagement ring with a big emerald cut centerpiece and two smaller emerald shaped stones has a sophisticated and sleek look. This diamond shape’s symmetry brings a rhythm and grace to the three stone ring.

Several three stone rings feature a big diamond, flanked by smaller gemstones. For a harmonious look, jewelry makers and designers often choose side stones having a color grade that is close to or identical to that of the centerpiece diamond. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) organizes the diamond color into these groups:

  • Colorless (D to F): This is the rarest, hence the most valuable of the lot.
  • Near Colorless (G to J):The color is often unnoticeable save by trained graders.
  • Faint (K to M): The color is still tough to see by the naked and/or unaided eye.
  • Very Light (N to R): The subtle color, however, can be seen in a large diamond this way.
  • Light (S to Z):The color can also be seen in diamonds of different sizes. They appear slightly brown or yellow but do not have adequate color to be regarded as ‘fancy’ colored diamonds.

You can also use this information when you search for the side stones to complete your engagement ring design. In fact, with this information, you can make the online diamond shopping more seamless.

If you want to make your ring more colorful, then consider ruby or sapphire as the side stones. Both of them are cherished for their supreme beauty, so you can consider them when you buy real diamonds online for your custom-set jewelry.

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