Proposing Your Loved One during Valentines Day

Wedding Rings
Wedding Rings

It is a tradition to ask for permission to get married on valentine’s day. Most of the people choose this day for proposing because a valentine’s day is the day for love and romance. Even though a proposal is just asking permission to live together for a lifetime, this is a common ritual that is found among the people, and it is necessary to act according to the tradition while proposing a woman. The ‘ritual’ mentioned here is just a fancy term used to denote a traditional proposal style and the most important elements and steps involved in a valentine’s day are as follows.

The Engagement Ring

The ring is one of the most important elements that is required during a marriage proposal. Since it symbolizes the promise and the strength of a relation, it cannot be excluded during a proposal. There are no specific guidelines to be followed while choosing an engagement ring, but there is a common tradition to propose with a diamond ring. A diamond not only expresses how important a person is in their life but also symbolizes how much a person values such a relationship.

Different diamonds have different meaning and there is a whole different segment called the valentines day engagement rings which include several varieties like pink and red colored diamonds to add more flavor to the special occasion. It is also a part of the ritual to propose with the special valentines day engagement rings because those designs symbolize love and passion towards a particular person.

The Presentation

It is necessary that the presentation of the proposal to be a little dramatic. Even though most of the people propose their women in knees and saying the exact wordings such as “will you marry me”, they don’t know the significance of such an act. The posture of standing on one knee symbolizes that such a person is ready to go any extend to marry such a woman and the dialogue accompanied by the same is the politest and respectful manner to ask for permission to get married.

The Surprise Factor

it is one of the most important elements that is required for a valentine’s day proposal. Since it is a day that is celebrated by married and unmarried couples around the world, every such woman will have an expectation that his man will propose during that day. Therefore, it is the sole duty of the man to keep the act secret and cover his tracks to alleviate suspicion. Only an unexpected and timely proposal can increase the happiness of that moment.

Even though all these steps or acts seem silly, it has a lot of significance among the people. A proposal without following the ritual is sometimes considered as not legitimate and it is considered as a lack of interest in such a relationship.

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