Things To Consider While Buying Diamond Online

Diamonds are highly prized possessions one can keep hold of and while purchasing one, you cannot make compromises on its quality. Heading to a local store, making the purchase, and leaving as soon as possible is not the way it works in diamond purchase. You have to put in a little more effort by taking some time out of your schedule to do a bit of research before you buy diamonds. Here are some of the things you should know before buying diamond jewelry.

Diamond or Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is a quite famous substitute of diamonds and is widely used in jewelry to reduce its cost because when compared with real diamonds, it is cheaper. It would not be easy for someone who has no prior experience with diamonds to distinguish between zirconia and diamond because zirconia mimics diamond with appreciable perfection. Diamond never loses its sparkle at any point but the sparkle of zirconia reduces with time. Therefore, it is important for you to understand the differences between Zirconia and diamonds while buying diamonds online.

Place From where you Buy

When technology made the world small, the availability of commodities increased visibly and now you have several options including online stores when it comes to diamond purchase. When buying diamond online, make sure you are confident about the credibility of the dealer so that you can be sure of the diamond quality. Try to understand more about the dealer from where you are planning to buy your diamond.


The cut of a diamond has a lot to do with its quality and making a perfectly cut diamond is an expert’s job. How well a diamond is cut decides how brilliant its sparkle will be and different diamond cuts have been developed over the years. Some of the examples of diamond cuts are princess, round, oval, marquise, cushion etc. Decide on the cut of the diamond that you are planning to buy.


The standard unit of weight for diamonds is carat and it has a great influence on the prize of the same. One-fifth of a gram is equal to one carat and the prize of the diamond increases with the carat weight.


The clarity of diamonds has a lot to do with their quality and the number of inclusions in the diamonds determines it. A higher percentage of inclusions in the diamonds indicate that its sparkle will be low which will have a direct impact on its price.

Flawless diamonds stand at the top of the diamond clarity chart because there are hardly any inclusions in them while 12, 13 grade diamonds have a notable number of inclusions in them, putting those to the bottom of the clarity chart.


Color of the diamond also plays a crucial part in deciding its price, and the term color in general indicates the amount of yellow in a diamond but sometimes indicate grey, brown and a combination of the three also. Colorless diamonds have more sparkle than colored diamonds and this factor motivates people to choose colorless diamonds.

Diamonds also come in a number of colors and some of the colors like blue, green, pink etc are very rare and prized. The color scale of diamonds range from D-Z and colorless diamonds have a higher price than yellow colored ones.


Gemological labs issue certificates that assure the quality and authenticity of the diamond by including details like color, clarity, grade etc. Make sure that the diamond you are about to purchase has the grading certificate issued by a reputed gemological lab and make use of the online services offered by some labs for verification of the diamond specifics.

Here is a list of the top gemological labs

  • Gemological Institute of America(GIA)
  • International Gemological Institute(IGI)
  • American Gem Society(AGS)
  • European Gemological Laboratory(EGL)

Laser Inscription

The practice of inscription is growing more popular with the importance given for reputable lab reports. To add an inscription on the diamond, the grading report number of the stone is engraved on it to assure that the sellers do not replace the stone with one of less quality.

The practice of inscription also made it easy to investigate diamonds that might have been stolen. Plotting and laser are the two inscription methods and currently, laser inscription is preferred to plotting by considering the negative effects plotting produces on the stone clarity.


The presence of trace minerals on the diamond creates a glowing effect when exposed to UV light and fluorescence can make us perceive a color different from the real diamond color. Fluorescence was earlier considered a negative factor that decreases the diamond value but modern studies reveal that it can have positive as well as negative effects.

In about 95% of the diamonds, the color of fluorescence is blue which exerts a positive influence by making the diamond appear whiter. But high fluorescence can be detrimental to diamond quality because it will impart an oily look to the diamonds.

Diamonds are valued possessions that are eternal sources of wonder and rushing into buying one without taking the crucial factors discussed above into consideration would compromise on its quality.

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