How Is The Diamond Grading Different Now?

Buy GIA Certified Diamonds
Buy GIA Certified Diamonds

It was easy to know the quality of a diamond with the 4 C’s rule which has been deciding the fate of diamonds for more than 50 years now. But the changing mentality and other factors are demanding for a system beyond the 4 C’s- something which takes into consideration more than just the 4 C’s of the diamond to determine its value.

These are the factors necessitating the idea of change among the customers and experts of the industry.

More Aware Customers

Before, the word of the sales rep was trusted and customers did not doubt what was said by them. But now the situation has changed as the internet has everything about diamonds including its grading and other features. The knowledge of these attributes in detail has given them the awareness to question. They expect complete transparency and look for the source, value, etc from reliable, high-quality brands.

Innovation Of Technology

Years ago the 4 C’s were the only parameters that could be checked- which itself needed a gemologist. The process was strenuous and needed some improvement. In 1990, the first technology to grade the cut of a diamond was invented which provided results of higher accuracy. Similarly, over time better technology to grade several parameters other than the 4 C’s were invented. This made everyone in the industry question the need to follow less efficient methodology.

Better Standards Of Diamond

With stronger technology and customers with more knowledge, the demand for excellent quality diamonds which have more than traditional grade is high. Diamonds of unique cuts, more brilliance and of different styles, catch the eyes of people.

What Makes Today’s Diamond Grading Different?

Old times when the quality of a diamond was determined by the 4 C’s are over. Now new technology has moved forward.

Light Performance

No two diamonds react with light the same way. Hence, it is a unique parameter.

Hearts And Arrows

Heart and Arrows are known worldwide for the precision of their cuts. They create 8 symmetrical hearts of ideal optical symmetry and proportions.

Specialty Cuts

New cuts that do not belong to the traditional book of cuts attract people looking for something novel.

Branded Grading 

People are more interested in buying diamonds that have more guidelines. They buy GIA certified diamonds that have undergone more tests conducted by the brand privately.


The position, size, shape, and type of inclusion in the diamond determines how it shines.

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