What You Need To Know Before Getting A Pave Ring?

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Pave setting is one of the popular engagement ring settings and it is loved by a lot of people. This is a versatile design that suits a wide range of diamond shapes and many ring styles. The stunning brilliance of the stone offered by pave settings is one of the factors that attracts people towards it. It also gives a rich and extravagant look for your engagement rings. When you shop for rings from online diamond dealers, you might have come across a variety of rings with pave settings.

If you are planning to buy a ring with a pave setting, then this article can be useful for you, as we provide some of the important things you want to know about this setting.

What Is A Pave Setting?

This is one among the popular and stunning ring settings that are well-known in the jewelry world for the brilliant sparkle they exhibit. A pave ring will have small stones set on the band. These stones make it look like the band is made of diamonds. This is a wonderful option for people who are looking for shinier and exquisite designs for their diamond rings.

Some of the most common pave settings are listed below:


In this setting, the accent stones are held close together using small prongs. This helps to minimize the use of metal thereby giving more concentration to the stones.

Micropave Set

Here, the small stones that cover the band will be held close using small beads of metal. This helps to accentuate the brilliance and look of accent stones.

French Pave

In this style, a V-shaped cutout will be made below each accent stone. It allows more light to hit the diamond and can be useful for enhancing their sparkle.

Bright Cut/ Channel

Here, the small diamonds will be held using walls of metals on both sides. It gives more protection to the stones, however, the brilliance can be less, as more metal will be covering these stones.

Why Should You Choose A Pave Setting?

A lot of people particularly go for this setting when they buy diamonds. This a wonderful setting that can give more focus to your center stone. Also, the great brilliance offered by the accent stones set on the band will make your ring more shiner and it adds a bigger appearance for the center stone.

Also, it can suit a variety of other ring settings like halo setting, vintage style settings, etc. Hence, if you are looking for a shiny and stunning engagement ring design, then pave setting is one of the best choices for you.

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