Lab Grown Diamond: Are They Any Less Special

Brilliant Cut Diamond
Brilliant Cut Diamond

You must have stumbled across the term called lab cut diamond. Are they any less special than a regular cut diamond? What is it that differentiates these from those that are cut with the hands of expert diamond cutters? Let us help you answer these questions and more. Read on…

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

These are the diamonds that are made in high-tech cutting edge laboratory environments- which are often created so as to replicate the intense pressure and heat under which diamonds are forged in the depths of the earth. These are also called as man-made diamonds, cultured diamond, engineered diamond, synthetic diamond- these are quite similar to natural gems and can match the vibrancy as any natural beautiful diamond ring. As a matter of fact, the similarity doesn’t only stop with the way it looks but also the chemical, optical and physical properties. Only expert gemmologist and diamond cutters will be able to separate diamonds made in a lab and those that are dug from the earth.

How Much Are Lab Grown Diamonds Worth?

Lab grown diamonds are created under extremely controlled environments, because of which there is consistency in the shape and form of the diamonds. It is said that you will never find two similar natural diamonds. But the fact for lab grown diamonds is that they are mostly identical. The prices of the diamonds vary from $800-$1000 per carat. The price could be higher depending on the maker and how well the diamond is crafted and engineered.

Is There A Limit To The Size Of The Diamond?

In theory, there is no limit when it comes to the size of the engineered diamond. The longer that the diamond is subjected to the environment, the bigger it turns out to be. To this day, the biggest synthetic diamond that has been created was an eye-watering 155 carats.

Does It Come In Various Colours?

There is an array of colors in which you could have lab-grown diamonds. From powdered blue to brownish pink- pick a color and you can have it in that!

Should You Buy Lab Grown Diamonds?

if you have a short leash on the budget then going for a lab grown diamond would be a great purchase. It is a general rule of thumb, that when men are proposing with a brilliant cut diamond ring, the price tag on the ring must be a third of their salary. You needn’t have any of those worries when it comes to lab grown diamonds!

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