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Diamond cut is one of the most major aspects to consider among the four C’s while buying a diamond, which is the most determining factor when it comes to the sparkle of a diamond.

What is Cut of a Diamond?

In general, cut refers to how well the facets of a diamond interact with the light. A well-cut diamond will display great brightness, scintillation, and fire when compared to the diamonds that don’t have a good cut.

Three major attributes affect the overall cut quality of the diamond – proportions, symmetry, and polish.

Proportions of the cut – The term Cut Proportions refers to the angles and relative measurements of a well-polished diamond stone.

The symmetry of a diamond – The precision of facet placements and shape of a fully finished diamond is called symmetry.

Polish of a diamond – The overall condition of facet surfaces of a diamond is called the polish.

A lot of people often confuse the cut of a diamond with the shape of a diamond stone. Most jewelers use these two terms interchangeably which makes it more confusing for customers who are coming to buy diamonds. Even though they use it carelessly, these two are not the same.

The shape of a diamond refers to the outline of the stone whereas the cut of the stone refers to the proportion of a diamond as well as its finishing.

Why is Cut of a Diamond So Important?

The cut can make the diamond look bigger than it actually is. It is the cut that improves the face-up color of a diamond and helps mask the inclusions that are present in the same. Thus getting a good cut helps you in getting a free boost in the other aspects such as the clarity color and carat of the diamond.

Excellently cut diamonds will possess strong light returns as well as scintillation patterning. Usually, a well-cut diamond will have great proportions that don’t add up much to the carat weight of the same. This will not make the stone look much bigger than what it actually is when compared to another deeply cut diamond.

Diamonds with better light return would make it face up whiter as more light will be reflected into the viewers’ eyes. Well cut diamonds will also show intense scintillation which helps in hiding the inclusions of the diamond under its spark. GIA performs the cut grading after reviewing several parameters like symmetry ratings, proportions, girdle thickness, etc.

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