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There is a general notion among people that diamonds and diamond rings are very costly and unaffordable. This thought is encouraged when they see celebrities wearing diamond rings of very high prices. However, the truth is that not all diamonds and diamond rings are so expensive and unaffordable. There are many options for you to buy cheap diamonds online. At the same time, you have to be careful to buy real diamonds because many counterfeit diamonds are also found in the market.

The carat weight, cut, and shape of a diamond is crucial in determining its price. The higher the carat weight of a diamond, the higher will be its price. If you are inclined to save money on your purchase of an engagement ring, you must look for a diamond with lower carat weight. You can get loose diamonds for less than 200 dollars if you want a diamond below a half carat.

It is known that the round brilliant cut diamond is the most selected one in the world. That is the diamond with great sparkle and is hence loved by all. However, at the same time when the demand is high for the round cut, it is also very expensive. Since it is the most expensive cut, you may prefer choosing some other modern cut, in your attempt to buy cheap diamonds online. You can choose your favorite from many fancy shaped diamonds. This includes the marquise, pear, oval, and emerald shapes, which will give a larger look to the diamond.

You can reduce the cost of the ring considerably by deciding to get a diamond of lower grade of cut, clarity, or color. It will not be that good to cut the corners of the diamond because it will affect the overall look of the diamond. It is the cut of the diamond that gives the sparkle. Therefore, if you choose to have a very low-quality cut to save money, you will end up having a diamond, which does not have good sparkle or brilliance.

However, it is okay to make some compromise regarding clarity and color, in your attempt to save money. You will be able to hide the low clarity of the diamond by faceting in the diamond. The larger the diamond facets, the clearer will the inclusions be. You may go for a low color grade of diamond and use a warm yellow or rose gold band to cover up the low color grade. The setting and the detailing of the ring will also cost you much.

If you act wisely in choosing the diamond or the ring, you can save much of your money.

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