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Synthetic diamonds are man-made diamonds that are developed inside a laboratory under controlled conditions. When you search for a diamond online, you might come across this term frequently. These diamonds are gaining more popularity than ever before. Knowing about synthetic diamonds will help you to decide whether they are worth a try.

Are synthetic diamonds fake?

Even though many people think that synthetic diamonds are fake, they actually have the same physical and chemical properties of natural diamonds that are mined from the earth. Therefore, even if you buy synthetic diamonds, nobody will be able to distinguish them from mined stones because of their similar appearance.

But don’t confuse synthetic diamonds for diamond simulants like moissanite and cubic zirconia, etc. Although simulant looks similar to diamonds, they are made from a different material than diamonds and also vary in chemical properties.

Price of man-made diamonds

One of the most attractive features of lab-grown diamonds is that they are cheaper than their natural counterparts. Natural diamonds are formed naturally over millions of years under high pressure and temperature under earth’s crust. They are recovered through mining and carved to produce maximum brilliance and fire.

Unlike natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds are created inside a laboratory by artificially creating the conditions that are required for the development of diamonds. It takes almost two weeks for the creation of man-made diamonds, unlike the natural diamonds that are formed over millions of years.

For all these reasons, lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than natural ones. You will have to pay only 10-15% less amount for a created diamond than a natural diamond with the same properties.

Evaluating the clarity

One of the desirable features of synthetic diamonds is that they are nearly flawless. When diamonds are formed in the earth, they come in contact with impurities that cause inclusions and blemishes in the stone. But the lab-grown diamonds are formed under controlled conditions and they are created in a way to minimize impurities or flaws. This is achieved through strict control over the formation process.As the inclusions and blemishes are minimum in synthetic diamonds they will have better clarity than natural diamonds.

Evaluating the color

Evaluating the color of synthetic diamonds is the same as mined diamonds. The more colorless the diamond is, the more value it has. It is easy to produce diamonds with high color quality in the lab. Hence, it is more likely to find good colorless diamonds in lab-grown diamonds than in natural diamonds. Therefore, if you are looking for purely colorless diamonds, synthetic diamonds can be a great choice.

Synthetic diamonds can be processed to produce different color ranges. It is easy to find man-made diamonds in a variety of colors than natural diamonds. Hence, they can be also the best choice for those who are searching for fancy colored diamonds other than white.

Evaluating the cut

Like the above-mentioned qualities, evaluating the cut of synthetic diamonds are similar to natural diamonds. If the cut is more proportional, the sparkle and brilliance of that diamond will be more.

If the stone has a round-cut, then it should not be too shallow or too deep. The facet arrangement should be proportional and aligned. If the girdle is too thick the stone would look disproportional and if it is too thin then the stone could easily break.

Carat weight

One major problem associated with synthetic diamonds is that there are only limited sizes available for such diamonds. Due to technological limitations, creating top-quality stones that have high carat weights is difficult.

If you have tried online diamond shopping for buying synthetic diamonds, then you might most probably find synthetic diamonds that are below 0.5 carats. It is very rare to find lab-grown diamonds that are above 1.5 carats, even though the technology is still improving.

But if you are searching for colored stones, then it is possible to have more weight options. When it comes to colored diamonds it is possible to have stones that are up to 3 carats.


Like the natural diamonds, it is better to have a grading certificate for your synthetic diamond too. It will help you to know the quality of the stone in terms of cut, color, clarity and carat.

Diamond certification laboratories like GIA will evaluate the diamond and will give you a certificate by accessing its characteristics. The certificate will explicitly state whether the diamond is natural or synthetic.

If you buy a diamond online it is better to ask for the grading certificate from the retailer before you purchase the diamond. Otherwise, you cannot ensure the quality of your synthetic diamonds. The certificate will help you to make sure that the diamond you get has all the characteristics that are specified in the advertisement.

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