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You can hardly find a person who does not love to purchase a diamond that offers the best bang for his/her bucks. Unsurprisingly, most people tend to rely on online diamond dealers or other jewelry stores that offer discount deals for their diamond ring purchase. However, diamond rings not only just hurt your bank balance but also can cost you more. Do you know that there are people who promote unethical diamond mining? Even though it is illegal to buy or sell conflict or unethical diamonds in most countries, many people still do this business.

Conflict or unethical diamonds are the ones that are mined under unfavorable conditions. In such cases, issues such as the human rights violation, child employment, labor exploitation, environmental hazards, etc., are common. The sad part is that it is nearly impossible for a person to identify a conflict diamond. So, make sure to purchase your sparkler from the best diamond website that offers a credible diamond certificate along with the product. If you are not cautious about the same, you may end up flaunting a diamond ring that is a result of the pain and suffering of a war-torn community. If you are not convinced yet, below are more reasons to promote the concept of conflict-free diamond rings.

Conflict-Free Diamonds are Not Highly Expensive

Some people have a misconception that conflict-free diamonds are more expensive than their conflict counterparts. However, this is not true for all cases, especially if you are purchasing your ring from a credible jeweler. Make sure that they are selling diamonds that are sourced ethically. Plus, you can choose not to purchase diamonds that are mined at war-prone areas such as Africa, Laos, etc. In such cases, you will have to pay only the standard price for your diamonds. Nevertheless, things will be different if you are intentionally purchasing unethical diamonds from illegal dealers.

Engagement Rings are the Symbol of Love

Usually, most people think about a diamond ring when it comes to their engagement. Needless to mention, diamond engagement rings are regarded as a symbol of love and commitment. It represents the beginning of a lifetime journey with your better half and hence, it ought to be ethical. Undoubtedly, you can never consider a product resulted from the pain and suffering of people as the symbol of love or anything ethical. Starting a beautiful life on the foundation of unethical factors is never a good idea as well. So, the least you could do in this case is to avoid purchasing diamonds from diamond retailers who are not credible.

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