What You Need To Know About The Fluorescence Of A Diamond

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There is a wide range of things that can affect the value of a diamond. Some of the common factors among them are the 4Cs of diamonds that most people are aware of. However, apart from these well-known factors, there are some other criteria that are used by jewelry experts to determine the value of diamonds. One among them is the fluorescence of a diamond.

When you buy diamonds, you may hear this term from your jeweler, as this is a factor that can affect the cost of a diamond. Hence, you should be aware of this property for knowing how it can affect the value of your diamond. So we mention some of the important information you want to know about the fluorescence of a diamond.

What Is Diamond Fluorescence?

This is a term used to describe the glow a diamond exhibits when it is exposed to UV light (like dark light or sunlight). About 30% of diamonds exhibit this property. When such diamonds are exposed to UV light, they will fluoresce in various colors.

In most cases this glow will be blue, however, on some rare occasions, you might find white, green, yellow, or even red glow. Knowing about this phenomenon is important when you buy real diamonds.

The GIA grades the diamond fluorescence in five categories. Diamonds that fall in the categories None, Faint, and Medium won’t exhibit visible fluorescence. However, the categories Strong and Very Strong denote diamonds that have a fluorescence visible to the naked eyes.

How Fluorescence Affects A Diamond?

The effects created by fluorescence on the appearance of a diamond varies. It can either be good or bad for a diamond. For example, when the fluorescence is Strong or Very Strong, it can make a diamond look hazy and less transparent. This will reduce the amount of light entering the stone thereby diminishing its brilliance. But fluorescence may not always affect a diamond negatively. In some cases, even if the diamond has a Very Strong fluorescence, it will not make any changes in the appearance of the diamond.

However, diamonds that have lower color grades (J-M) can benefit from fluorescence. The Faint blue fluorescence will make these diamonds more colorless and increase their value.

Hence, the impact created by fluorescence on the value of a diamond can greatly vary. If a diamond with high color grade (D-F) has a Strong or Very Strong fluorescence, then it will reduce the value of the diamond. However, a Faint fluorescence can increase the value of diamonds with lower color grades.

Hence, when you buy diamonds, you have to be aware of these variations for determining the real value of your stones.

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