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So, you are all set to stage a grand and romantic wedding proposal scene to sweep your better half of her feet? Needless to mention, one of the most important factors of an engagement or wedding proposal is the diamond engagement ring. Hence, it is quite natural for guys to mull over their engagement ring purchase. After all, you have to impress your lady love with this gleaming bauble.

Plus, every person would love to make their engagement a flawless one since it is a lifetime investment. So, each element including the engagement ring gemstone, setting, metal choice, whether or not to shop online diamonds, etc., is given utmost importance. So, if you are also searching for a dazzling trinket that can make the eyes of your sweetheart dazzle with joy as she lays her eyes on the sparkling symbol of love that you chose, consider the following points.

Some guys may think that they know everything about their girls and can choose the perfect rings for them. Unfortunately, most people tend to miserably fail in this case. It is to be noted that understanding the tastes of women, especially in the case of jewelry and clothing is even harder than rocket science.

Besides, most girls are likely to be dreaming about their resplendent diamond engagement rings for a very long time making it even harder and stressful for guys to impress them. So, it is always better to make sure of your significant other’s choice before jumping into a conclusion. You may seek help from their close relatives and friends to nail this task. Additionally, below are some important points that you can consider to pick the right diamond engagement ring for her.

  • Pay close attention to her style in general
  • Keep an eye on her Pinterest board and Facebook feed
  • Closely examine her jewelry style; check out the type of jewelry pieces that she regularly wears and the ones that she rarely takes out of her jewelry box.
  • She is likely to give you some hints about her desired diamond ring design. So, make sure to check out the magazines that she leaves in front of you and the tabs that she keeps open on her computer.
  • Inquire the type of metal she likes during a casual conversation
  • Buy diamonds that suit her persona

Another factor that you must consider is the fitting of the ring. Note that the moment when you slip down the diamond engagement ring on the finger of your partner will be sealed for eternity. So, choosing a ring that stuck midway or is way loose will be incredibly embarrassing and heartbreaking. To make sure that the ring size is perfect for your lady love, the best option is to steal a ring that she regularly wears and take it to a jeweler to get the correct ring size.

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