Everything you Need to Know About Salt and Pepper Diamonds

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Salt and Pepper diamonds are great choices if you are looking to buy diamonds that can make your fingers stand out in class. These are unique diamonds that have been there in the market for quite some time; these were considered undesirable for a long time too. Today, they are been loved by most of the brides making it one among the hottest trends for engagements as well.

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

One of the most important things you should know about diamonds is that most of the diamonds come with flaws, inclusions, and imperfections. These inclusions can most often come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The colors are typically white or black. Salt and Pepper diamonds have a mix of several black and white inclusions and flaws. For most of the diamonds, inclusions are white or black carbon spots, clouds, feathers, or cracks similar to blemishes. The term ‘salt’ in ‘Salt and Pepper’ is used for inclusions in white color while the term ‘black’ symbolizes black inclusions.

How does a Salt and Pepper Diamond Differ from a Traditional Diamond?

A salt and Pepper diamond is mostly a wild version of standard diamonds that are available in the market which are less pure and more flawed. They often come with a perfect mix of speckles that are in black or white color and tend to appear silky gray. They are also not graded like the traditional diamonds that are available in the market. Also, the 4 C’s do not affect the Salt and Pepper diamond greatly.

Eco-friendly Diamonds

Salt and Pepper diamonds are good choices of eco-friendly diamonds as they are safe and green. These diamonds do no harm to the environment as the process of mining these diamonds less likely to take a toll on the environment when compared to the mining process of standard diamonds available in the market.

During mining, a good amount of rock and soil are extracted from the ground by the miners aiming to find small deposits of diamonds. The obtained extracts are then sent to several processing facilities. It is always a good thing to know that there are always good chances to extract a few hundred tons for producing 1 carat of gem-quality raw diamonds. The richness of the ore is the main factor that decides the overall extraction of the diamond.

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