Practices To Follow When Buying Diamonds Online

Diamond Online
Diamond Online

With online jewelry shopping becoming prevalent, nowadays more people buy a diamond online. This is because it is cheaper than purchasing it from brick and mortar stores, and there is a wide assortment of selection. Not only that, but this also made these precious stones more accessible to the common folk. However, there is also the risk of coming across substandard quality stones, and you must be careful about this. Shared below are the practices that you must follow when purchasing diamonds online.


The most important factor that you must look for when shopping for diamonds online is trustworthiness. Buying jewelry is a significant investment, and this calls for trust. For this, you must be clear from where you are purchasing the diamond, it can be a well-known jeweler or online diamond retailers. In either case, the jewelry that you are purchasing must have all the necessary certifications.

Listed below are the important certifications for diamonds:

  • GIA Certification – Gemological Institute of America
  • AGS Certification – American Gem Society
  • IGI Certification – International Gemological Institute
  • EGL Certification – European Gemological Laboratory
  • HRD Certification – Hodge Raad Voor Diamant
  • GSI Certification – Gemological Science International

The GIA, AGS, and IGI certifications are more well recognized, and because of this, they are used by both online and offline diamond retailers.


Before buying diamonds online or otherwise, you must do thorough research beforehand to have an accurate idea about what you want to buy. The most important factor that you must know about is the 4Cs of diamond quality, i.e. color, carat, cut, and clarity. Among the 4Cs, cut quality and carat weight has a revelatory impact on the diamond’s cost. Furthermore, when you purchase a diamond online, you must also read the reviews and look at the ratings. Most online diamond jewelry stores or brands have reviews by peers and customers. So, take your own time for thorough research before finalizing your online diamond purchase.


Most online diamond retailers offer a wide variety of selections and discounts on purchases; this overwhelms most customers. As a result, they tend to forgo other important details like the exchange or return policies, alterations or resizing policies, and shipping charges, etc. These are important, especially when you must make alterations in the size of diamond rings, returning faulty rings or rings of the wrong size, and so on. So, when purchasing diamond jewelry online, read the policies of the online jewelry store.

These are some of the important practices that you must follow when buying diamond jewelry from online diamond retailers.

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