What Are Chocolate Diamonds?

Online Diamond Reviews
Online Diamond Reviews

In recent times, many fashion conscious people are gravitating towards coloured diamonds, and the trend is on an upward trajectory. They are available in red, green, pink, yellow, blue, chocolate, etc. Among these, chocolate is a unique and rare colored diamond with rich dark brown shade and they belong to the category of brown diamonds. As the saying goes Diamonds are forever, a diamond wedding or engagement ring with a chocolate coloured center stone will be special for a lifetime. So, when looking for best diamonds online chocolate diamond is an ideal choice.

What Are Chocolate Diamonds?

Chocolate diamonds belong to the category of brown diamonds, and they are sourced from Congo, Brazil, Australia, and Borneo. Also, brown diamonds are more affordable than colourless diamonds, and chocolate diamonds are the most premium handpicked brown diamonds. This is because of their high quality and clarity.

Brown Diamond V/S Chocolate Diamond

The most important factor when buying a chocolate diamond is its colour. You should know that brown diamonds are easily available and cheap, whereas there is only a very limited supply of chocolate diamonds. The former has a light, opaque or yellow-hued colour, whereas chocolate diamonds have a highly saturated, dark brown shade similar to that of chocolate. Hence, they are rarer, valuable and sought after.

Chocolate Diamond Features

Many jewellers sell brown diamonds without clarifying the details or quality of the diamond. There are cases where high quality brown diamonds are not classified as chocolate diamonds. So, if you have to ensure that you are buying an authentic product it is better to purchase from a reputable jeweller. However, you should know that they are not as costly as colourless diamonds.

Value Of Chocolate Diamonds

Only a very tiny fraction of high quality brown diamonds is classified as chocolate diamonds. The remaining is lumped along with other low quality brown diamonds. As a result of this, the market value for brown diamonds is lower. You should also know that any color treated brown diamonds are not chocolate diamonds. So, it is better not to buy them as you do not know about the quality of the original diamond.

How To Buy Chocolate Diamonds?

As mentioned earlier, rich color and brilliant sparkle is the indicator of a good quality chocolate diamond. Besides, some brands specialize in brown diamonds and this ensures that you are purchasing the original product. You must also check online diamond reviews about the product that you are interested in buying.

No matter what color diamond you buy, they will become part of a family heirloom that will be transferred down the generations.

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