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The first image that may pop into the mind of almost every person when it is about your engagement will be a dazzling diamond engagement ring. However, millennials are now steering away from the idea of spending a hell lot of money on a rock. Plus, you will not be able to say whether or not a stone is ethical if it does not come with a genuine certificate. Nevertheless, it will be hard to let go off the mesmerizing glow of diamonds. In order to tackle all such issues, modern couples are embracing the idea of lab-grown diamond engagement rings. This type of diamonds can be simply defined as pure born.

Are you also one of those millennials who love to flaunt a laboratory diamond ring? Of course, the world of manmade diamonds is a bit confusing and this can make you overwhelmed. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the frequently asked questions about lab-grown diamonds. Referring to these points will give you in-depth knowledge about such gemstones and its possibilities.

Are lab grown diamonds real?

Lab-grown diamonds are also real diamonds. However, the diamonds are created in a lab by subjecting them to immense temperature and pressure in this case. Furthermore, these diamonds are processed to enhance its qualities as well such as color, clarity, etc.  Hence, you can easily find flawless and colorless diamonds in this case, unlike natural diamonds. This is why lab-grown diamonds are often referred to as pure born. Additionally, the atomic structure of an authentic cultured diamond will be identical to that of its natural counterparts.

Are lab grown diamonds expensive?

Manmade diamonds are way cheaper when compared to its natural counterparts. In fact, you are likely to save around 40% to 50% of your overall diamond expenses this way. The main reason for this price difference is the development in the field of diamond manufacturing and technologies. Plus, the number of people employed in a lab will be less when compared to the labor required for the huge process of diamond mining to jewelry stores. Needless to mention, buying diamonds from online diamond dealers will give the best bang for your bucks. However, make sure to buy diamonds from reliable sources in this case.

What are the misconceptions about manmade diamonds?

Sadly, there are many misconceptions about lab diamonds and one of the most prominent ones is that they are not forever, unlike real diamonds. This misinformation is the main factor that makes it less popular among the folks. Note that the color and clarity of lab diamonds will also stay for eternity just like its natural counterparts. Besides, lab diamonds are made using multiple techniques under expert supervision. Two of the common techniques involved in diamond manufacturing are HPHT and the CVD growing method.

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