Everything You Need To Know About Moonstone Jewelry

For the past few years, moonstone jewelry is becoming quite popular among people all over the world. This particular gemstone is well-known for its smooth texture and beautiful sheen. Many people these days are seen wearing moonstone necklace and other moonstone jewelry, especially those who like boho and hippie jewelry styles.

If you are hearing about moonstone jewelry for the first time, this article will help you to learn more about it.

What Exactly Is A Moonstone Jewelry?

Many jewelers describe moonstone as one of the most beautiful gemstones available today. People gift moonstone to their loved ones because it brings the light and image of the moonlight falling on water. The unique sheen of its surface is what distinguishes moonstone from other gemstones. This is mainly due to the unique physical composition of moonstones, which are made by combining two feldspar minerals; albite and orthoclase.

The two different layers scatter the light between them and cause an effect called adularescence. It refers to the soft wispy clouds that move around the surface of moonstone. This is one of the main reasons for its widespread popularity. Only a few stones can display adularescence. In addition to that, moonstone can also exhibit chatoyancy, a phenomenon which is commonly called the cat’s eye effect.

Color, Clarity, Cut, And Carat Size Of Moonstone

Even though moonstones are available in different colors, blue is the most popular among people. Some people also choose green, white, peach, pink, gray, and brown color moonstones. However, they are not as precious as a blue-colored moonstone. People often want to buy moonstones that have a wider area of sheen, that too in blue.

Like some other gemstones, moonstones also have some tiny inclusions. These inclusions are like small tension cracks and they are commonly known as centipedes. These inclusions may interfere with the adularescence. Therefore, the value of the stone increases when the stone is clearer. The moonstones that are free of inclusions have the highest prices, which usually go up to $ 1,000.

Usually, moonstones are cut into faceted, beads, or cabochons. According to expert jewelers, cabochons are the best cut for moonstones because it shows the adularescence better than other cuts. However, most people are now preferring faceted moonstones because they have the ability to hide the inclusions effectively.

Both large and small-sized moonstones are available in the market. However, most people prefer to buy moonstones that are within the range of 1-5 carats. You can also buy moonstones that are up to 450 carats.

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