How To Use Tequila Like A Pro

There is a way to consume any alcoholic beverage, and tequila is no exception. Here are some tequila drinking tips and product facts for alcohol enthusiasts. Go through these details, and you might think twice the next time someone serves it to you with some lime and salt.

Use Agave-Based Tequila

When tequila is served with a dash of salt and lime, it may not be 100% tequila. This is made mainly in Jalisco using blue weber agave. There is a flavor profile to pure tequila that ranges from green-bright to fruity-earthy. These flavored tequilas have a rich complexity that you will be able to note in the drink served.

It is a mistake to consume tequila not made from pure agave sugar as the agave-based fermented juice is utilized to make this drink. You can call just any beverage produced in Mexico as ‘tequila’, but that will be farther from the truth. There is a drink named ‘Mixto tequila’, made with 51% agave sugar, and 49% sugarcane or grain-derived sugar.

Choose A Young Tequila

Bartenders advise us to not choose tequila that is aged more than 4 years. It is best if you can find the drink aged 2 months or fewer days. After 4 years, not much happens to tequila, and barrel evaporation reduces the level of the spirit, making the aging process extremely expensive.

Drink It Much Like Rum Or Whiskey

There is this misconception that tequila must be consumed as individual shots. You may consume it in this way, but this is not compulsory. You may also drink it similarly to whiskey and rum, i.e., by smelling it gently when taking sips of it. Pour it in a wine glass or tasting glass to open its flavors up.

Use Vodka-Tomato Juice Cocktail As Mixer For It

Some individuals use vodka alone to make a tequila cocktail, but we would recommend utilizing ‘Bloody Mary’ instead. It is an alcoholic beverage made up of tomato juice and vodka. Or, try ‘gin and tonic’ instead of the cocktail ‘Paloma’. Bartenders serve the former cocktail with tonic water on top of the ice.

Have Tacos With It

Tacos and tequila are a perfect match. Añejo tequila, especially, goes well with the beef that is cooked slowly with chorizo and is marinated with white onion, chipotle chilies, and tomatoes.

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